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By partnering with Wholefoods and other juice bars in London we've managed to gain access to the perfect fresh, unloved ingredient - orange peel.

In Camberwell, we take our (lucky) peels and handcraft everything in small batches to create delicious drinks and treats. Our current two product lines are a citrus vodka based liqueur called Orangecello and candied orange peel dipped in chocolate.

Simple, sustainable and absolutely delicious.

Our products: Products


Handcrafted in small batches in Camberwell, we carefully steep our fresh orange peel rescued from juice bars in triple distilled vodka and a natural syrup. The result is a unique drink that perfectly blends the sweet with the citrus. 

Enjoy a Lucky Peel Orangecello (or LPO as we like to call it) on its own over ice or as distinctive addition to any mixer.

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